Losing a loved one is utterly heartbreaking and your world changes forever. Friends and family gather around to offer their support at this very distressing time. Sending funeral flowers has always been one of the best ways in which people can show that they care. Some flowers are more appropriate than others though, so here we will guide you through the top 10 best funeral flowers that are suitable for this sad time

Top 10 best funeral flowers

1. Lilies

Funeral flowers SydneyLilies are the most popular funeral flowers and they really are beautiful. The white lily in particular is a symbol of sympathy, purity and also majesty. They are also a symbol of innocence. The white stargazer lily is just stunning and is a symbol of sympathy. Lilies are calming and peaceful and would really be appreciated at this awful time.

Lilies really do make a good choice when you need to send funeral flowers and this is why it’s at the very top of our list of the top 10 best funeral flowers. Click here to buy funeral lilies now.

2. Carnations

funeral flowers MelbourneIf your loved one was a Christian then carnations would make the perfect choice. Christians believe that the very first carnation that bloomed came from the tears of Mary as she cried for her son Jesus when he carried the cross. They are one of the very best funeral flowers and they come in a wide range of beautiful colour options.

Pink carnations are a symbol of remembrance while red carnations symbolize admiration. If you choose a white carnation then these symbolize innocence and pure love. Carnations combine perfectly with other flower choices too and are very long lasting. Click here to buy funeral carnations now.

3. Sweet Pea

best funeral flowers Sweet Peas are stunning and they signify a peaceful goodbye to your lost loved one. They have the most beautiful scent are have always been a treasured funeral flower. Sweet Peas come in many colour options including lavender, white and pink. Sweet Peas had to make our list of the top 10 best funeral flowers. Click here to buy funeral sweet peas now.

4. Roses

funeral flowers BrisbaneRoses are one of the most loved funeral flowers around the world. They truly are stunning. Roses come in a wide range of colour choices including red roses which symbolises love. White roses symbolise remembrance, purity, innocence, spirituality and sympathy. Dark crimson roses symbolise sorrow and grief. This colour rose is very popular as it lets the family of the loved one know that they are not alone in their sorrow for their lost loved one. Yellow roses symbolise friendship and are usually given by close friends of the departed.

A single rose, when placed in a funeral spray, symbolizes eternal love. Pink roses symbolize love, gentility and grace. Roses definitely had to make our list of the top 10 best funeral flowers. Click here to buy funeral roses now.

5. Zinnias

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Zinnias are long lasting flowers and are cheerful and bright. Yellow Zinnias symbolize remembrance. If the funeral service is going to be a casual one, then zinnias could be the perfect choice. Click here to buy funeral zinnias now.

6. Forget Me Not

Funeral flowers adelaide

These flowers are just perfect. They have very small cornflower blue flowers that are beautiful. Forget Me Not symbolizes remembrance. They can also be sent live as a potted plant. Click here to buy funeral forget me nots now.

7. Daffodils

Funeral flowers townsvilleDaffodils make the perfect funeral flower. They symbolise new beginnings and rebirth. The daffodil is also the symbol that is used by the cancer council, as a sign of respect for all those who have lost their lives to cancer. A basket full of daffodils would look beautiful at a funeral service. Click here to buy funeral daffodils now.

8. Orchids

Funeral flowers for Orchids are just the ideal option when it comes to funeral flowers. They are a symbol of love. White and pink orchids are the more traditional colour options that symbolise sympathy and they are quite often given to a bereaved person as a plant. Orchids can also be placed on the coffin or casket. If you’re looking for a flower that says “I will always love you” then orchids are the perfect choice. Click here to buy funeral orchids now.

9. Chrysanthemum

what sort of Funeral flowersThe Chrysanthemum, in Asian culture, symbolises rebirth and life. In Europe, Korea and Japan they symbolise grief. They are also used by Buddhists as offerings on alters. They are one of the most traditional funeral flowers and come in a wide selection of colours. White Chrysanthemums symbolise grief, comfort and faith and is the main colour that is used at funerals. Click here to buy funeral chrysanthemum’s now.

10. Baby’s Breath

cheap Funeral flowers A truly stunning flower, it makes the ideal choice for funerals. Baby’s breath symbolises innocence, pureness and love. It has delicate white clusters and is quite often used amongst floral arrangements to help soften them, to make them more delicate. Baby’s breath is often used as flowers for infants and babies and is placed on the casket or coffin of the lost one. Click here to buy funeral baby’s breath now.

Final Thoughts

Sending flowers for a funeral is an ancient tradition but it’s a tradition that’s still going strong today. People want to let those in grief know that they care and are thinking of them, at what is a truly devastating time. They convey your sympathy and help to provide comfort to those that are deep in grief. It’s so important to send the right flowers to really offer the right message, to the grieving family.

Remember many of these flowers are seasonal so you may not be able to get them when you need them. We hope our top 10 best funeral flowers has helped you choose the perfect option, they each are beautiful, with their own message and will help to offer comfort to those that are in mourning. Click here to buy funeral lilies now.