It is customary to send sympathy flowers to a family in grief. During this time, it shows support and condolences to people who are going through a tough time. It can be difficult to say the right words and show some respect because of the enormity of the moment. Sending flowers to convey this message to the family could be your best option. Deciding on which flowers to send and where to send it to should not cause too much concern. There are some etiquette rules you can follow to avoid any overthinking.

send sympathy flowers

Memorial Service Flowers

A lot of emphases are placed on the day of the funeral. Sending flowers for the memorial service will also be highly appreciated. At the time of a memorial service, the emotional wounds are still pretty raw. Showing support and love during this fragile time is beautiful. Send an elegant wreath to honor the individual who has passed on. You can send a simple message with the flowers or so it anonymously. Some people want to contribute without any recognition and this is a great way to do so.

Sending Flowers to the Family Home

Another great way to send sympathy flowers is to deliver some at the family home. This is personal and shows great respect for those left behind. Instead of sending a bouquet of flowers, you could send a potted plant. This would last a little longer and can be kept in the home without much fuss. You can even send these plants after the funeral is over. A lot of times people receive tons of flowers the days leading up to the funeral. It would be lovely when done after the funeral to convey a message of remembrance.

Flowers at the Grave

When sending sympathy flowers to an overwhelmed family is not an option, you can take it with you to the graveyard. It is acceptable to lay a bouquet of flowers on the grave after the funeral has been completed. This is a form of showing your condolences to the family and will be greatly appreciated. There is nothing more beautiful in this grieving than a grave covered in flowers. It shows that the person resting here was loved and cared for. This message will bring some form of peace to the loved ones left behind.

Use a Basket

Imagine receiving tons of flowers without having enough vases to place it in. This would be overwhelming to anyone and it should be considered when sending flowers. Using a basket arrangement with a watered sponge takes this problem away. A vase is expensive, so this is a great alternative. It can be displayed in the home of the family without them having to do much to it. Remember, this is to provide comfort and when you send sympathy flowers, you have to make the acceptance as easy as possible.

Basket of sympathy flowers

Color Consideration

We often feel bound to send white flowers because it symbolizes purity. Etiquette around sympathy flowers simply means that the colors need to be a little pale. This means that you can send white, pink, lilac, blue or yellow flowers. The only reason this is so is that bright and cheerful colors might symbolize a more celebratory event. This rule goes out of the window if the deceased was someone who enjoyed bright colors or such flowers. If it is someone that you did not personally know, it will be a better idea to stick with the pale flower colors as suggested.

Types of flowers

This rule is not set in stone, but there are some flowers that are most appropriate to send to a family in grief. The reason behind this is simply the symbolic messages these flowers have. Most of us here in Australia know what certain flowers mean, but in case you forgot, here are the most popular choices.

Lily – Purity, Innocence

White Carnations – Innocence, Love

Gladioli – Sincerity, Integrity

White Stargazer Lilies – Sympathy

White Roses – Reverence, Remembrance

Orchid – I will always love you

These are beautiful messages to send to the family without saying it out loud. Trust me, they will understand and accept the unspoken message.

Respect Family Requests

Every family is different and sometimes, they might not want to receive flowers. This is not done to dismiss anyone, but rather for a bigger cause. In recent years, a lot of families have asked for donations to be made to charities instead of flowers sent home. When this situation occurs, you want to be sure to respect the request. Perhaps the deceased was involved in a certain charity, or it could be to contribute to finding a cure for a certain illness. Whatever the request is, it is always the best etiquette to follow without judgment.

It is a beautiful gesture to send sympathy flowers when a loved one has passed. Do not allow the process to stress you out. As cliché as it may sound, it really is the thought that counts. You are letting the family know that they are not alone and that your heart is with them. When we overthink certain gestures, we end up not doing it or procrastinate until the moment has passed. It is a great gesture and the family will remember it for a long time.