It is safe to say that we do everything online these days and it was only a matter of time before online funeral services became popular. This has become an emerging trend and it is easy to see why. Having family and friends far away from where the funeral service is being held is no longer a concern. The stress of travelling long distances to show your last respects can be avoided.

There are also the unforeseen circumstances when a loved one dies while family members are on vacation or a work trip. A lot of heartache is attached to missing the last farewell of someone you care about. When we look at some celebrities who passed away in recent years, the world could watch it from their homes. Of course, this is not going to be the case for the ordinary person.

Everything is filmed and sent out to the world on a daily bases. We record what we eat, new additions to our families and even our condolences when someone passes away. Having the ability to be able to be part of online funeral services might be a controversial topic. The decision ultimately lays with the family and the circumstances around the arrangements. We are going to keep a positive outlook on the new trend and discuss why we believe it is a good idea.

online funeral services

Easy access

Most of us have access to the internet and this makes it a viable option for many families. It is also worth mentioning that a lot of people travel the world while working. In the event where a funeral takes place during this time, it can be easy to “attend”. All you need is a stable internet connection and you don’t have to miss any part of it. This brings such emotional relieve to a lot of people and could be the reason behind its rise in popularity.

Live streaming

Online funeral services are done through live streaming. It is not something you have to watch after everyone else attended. This is not a recording and that makes it so much more personal. You get to grieve with the rest of the loved ones without a delay. I guess it does help to know that you are experiencing this moment with others. It brings comfort even if you are far away.

Venue space

Many families have to consider the space for a funeral service if there are a lot of people attending. This is an easy way to consider a close friends and family members service exclusively. If anyone else wants to be part of the moment, they can have the option of streaming the service. You will need a smaller, more intimate space, which also help to cut costs. A lot of families who would like the service to be held in church, opt for a huge hall to accommodate the attendees. This is an added expense to what is already a pricey process. It gives families the opportunity to not cut anyone out from the funeral, but does not have to find a space big enough for everyone.

Lasting memories

One of the best benefits of having a funeral online is the recording thereof. Many people do not want to relive the moment, but with time, we all wish we could. It was the last farewell to someone close to our hearts. Everyone who attended the funeral online or in person can get a copy of the streaming. A recording of the funeral service can bring comfort to a lot of people. Some watch it to feel closer to the deceased and other use it to bring closure. Knowing that you do have the recording is sometimes enough to help deal with the distance one feels.

Control over viewing

When it comes to celebrities, the world can watch the funeral service. You do not have to be concerned about strangers watching this personal moment. Many services give you full control over who can view the service. You can decide to have an open streaming line or to send out invitations. There will be a link and a password sent out to those who cannot attend the funeral personally. Having this kind of control can give you peace of mind. This service is something to consider when taking out your policy. Speak to your broker about the possibility of adding it onto your policy if you do not have it already.


It is pleasant to see that there are more funeral policies with this option available. Not everyone offers this service, but it is important to know that if your family needs to, they can live stream the funeral. We find that a lot of younger people are excited about this concept, but not so much the older people. I suppose this has to do with tradition and not everyone is jumping out of their seats about it.

Some people believe that it is not as personal as attending a funeral and frowns on the idea of it being online. What we need to remember is that this is for those moments when someone wants to attend but cannot. This is not an attempt at laziness or willingly not being at the funeral. Our lives are busier these days and we have to move with the times if necessary.

At the end of the day, this comes down to showing your last respects. Whether you do it in person or through streaming, it comes down to making the effort to participate. Even the most traditional people can never predict what happens in the future and it might be a better idea to be prepared.


The process of grieving is not easy for anyone and we all want to do it in the best way possible. It is not always easy when you are in charge of the arrangements of a funeral. Adding online funeral services to your options can eliminate so much of stress from the family. It gives them the freedom to continue with their lives in the midst of a devastating time.