Choosing a cremation only no service funeral option can leave a lot of doubt in anyone’s mind. Many people are considering the cremation option, because it seems effortless and affordable. But what about a cremation without a service. When it comes to the death of a loved one, you might want to keep the aftermath as easy as it possibly can be, but this is surely the most fuss free funeral possible. The fact of the matter is, there is no funeral option that best suits everyone – many things need to be considered.

Cremation options are on the rise in Australia and more people are opting for this over a full burial service, but cremations without a service are still not common. Cremation only funerals without a service can be helpful if the financial position of your family is limited or if your family/social network is not big. There are of course pros and cons to any of the two options, but let’s have a look at cremation.

Cremation Only No Service

Cremation Only No Service- Pros:

Cost effective

The price of a burial service is a small fortune and this serves as motivation for people going for a cremation only no service option. In Australia, the cost of going the cremation route is almost a third of the cost of a burial and with no service at all this can drop the cost further. There are none of the expenses typical with burials – grave plot, transportation of the body back and forth as well as a headstone. You do not have to buy a metal casket, pay for the preparation of the body or the fee you would need to pay for the service. These benefits are enough for a lot of families to make a final decision. As long as the family is in agreement, everyone can have less financial stress during the grieving period.

Environmentally safer

Cremation is by far safer for our environment, which we are becoming more considerate of. The land space used for graveyards is eating away at our space. You can find green cremations where there are no harmful chemicals used in the embalming process. We all need to consider our carbon footprint, but for a lot of people this is not a deciding factor. Either you want to be buried or cremated. Considering the environment is appreciated, it might not be what one thinks about. The space of an urn, versus the space of a burial site is much less and thus it is considered environmentally friendlier to cremate. Perhaps your family or the deceased was someone who cared about the environment. This is a great way to honour them.

Less planning

We all appreciate an effortless way to show our last respects to a loved one. There are some people who do not want to have a drawn out funeral because of the emotional effects. Planning a funeral can take a lot out of a person, whereas cremation is a lot less involved. The process is less complicated and you don’t have to be concerned with a lot of the standard events that takes place in a traditional burial service. When there is no service involved in the plans, there is even less planning. Loved ones still have the opportunity to honour the deceased without it becoming a big headache to plan.

Cremation Only No Service – Cons:


When the cremation is completed, it can be a tough decision as to what to do with the ashes. With a burial, anyone can go and visit the grave. The same is not to be said of a cremation. Perhaps a family member wants to keep the ashes at home. Some may want it to be poured into the sea. This can cause some family conflict, which is not needed after just losing a loved one. A lot of families even go as far as giving a bit of the ashes to other loved ones. If the ashes are not scattered in a symbolic place, the option of dividing it comes into play. It is important for family members to not allow the placement of the ashes put a damper on memorializing the life that someone lived.


A lot of religions in Australia, or indeed the world, frown upon cremation. Even if the option seems better suited, you might be bound by the individual’s religious beliefs. It is important to know what your family member’s last wishes are in order to avoid this kind of conflict. Discuss the options openly with your loved ones. Be sure about what their religious beliefs are if you will be left in charge of funeral arrangements. It is also important to try and discuss any arrangements with other family members before making a final decision. One would not want any kind of dissatisfaction on the day of the cremation.

Faster pace

Emotionally, cremations can cause a lot of doubt because it all happens too fast. There might not be enough time for grieving. A cremation only no service option does not include a church service at all. This can be difficult to explain to those loved ones who were unable to pay their last respects. Children are especially confused by the fast pace that happens between life and death. With no service, everything happens at a rapid pace without much emotion. Some people need a lot more time to process closure.


Even though a full burial is still the most popular choice in Australia, one should not feel under pressure. Cremation is much less frowned upon these days and it gives us a bit more freedom. There are also a lot of people who will say upfront that they want to be cremated instead of buried. This makes the decision even easier.

At the end of the day, there are no right or wrong options. You simply have to choose the best option for you and your family. If cost is a factor, I am sure your loved one would not want you to go into any debt with an expensive burial service. Choosing a cremation only no service funeral is going to allow you to streamline a process that is uncomplicated. Grieving does not have to take place at the funeral, so try to not be too hard on yourself for choosing cremation as an option. Please however think through the very powerful cons listed above before making your final decision.