Funeral Inspiration and Ideas

Whether you are planning your own funeral or a funeral for a loved one, they remain a very personal expression of each person’s life. Funerals can take on a very sad sombre atmosphere or a celebratory atmosphere. At the, we are passionate about offering helpful information and funeral ideas that can help you plan the perfect funeral or memorial.

This section deals with inspiration for memorials and funeral ideas that will fire your imagination. We feature weird and wacky funerals and memorials, tips and advice, creative funeral ideas, the latest funeral trends, information about funeral traditions of different religions and much more. If you are looking for funeral ideas for yours or your loved ones funeral you have landed on the right page.

Weird and Wacky Funerals

Funeral IdeasWeird and wacky funerals go on every day around the world, we bring you a selection of the best. Mostly light-hearted and fun these memorials show the different ways in which people want to be remembered from cute to plain weird. With everything from Breakfast themed memorials to the man who was buried in his corvette and the socialite who wanted to be buried just as she lived with champagne at the ready, this page will really stir the imagination. Click here to find more….

Creative Funeral Ideas

Funeral IdeasFuneral and memorial ideas for yourself or a loved one are generally only limited by your budget and imagination. If you have lived a life that pushed the boundaries you may want to push boundaries at your funeral too. If you had strong passions in life, you may want to celebrate these as part of your funeral or memorial. For example if you loved scuba diving you may want your ashes released underwater at sea, or if you loved fishing on the river, then maybe this could be a funeral service location. We hope that we can inspire you and assist you to have the memorial you desire. We have loads of creative ideas – click here to find out more…

Funeral Trends

Funeral IdeasFamilies today are bringing new values, opinions and ideas that are influencing the way funeral services are conducted. There are a number of trends that are currently becoming clear in funeral and memorial services. These include: The increase in unique personalised funerals, a rise in green funerals, the growth of cremation and the boom in advance funeral planning and funding. Click here…. To find out more about the changing face of funerals and learn how this may affect you.

Funeral Traditions of different religions

Funeral IdeasAustralia is now very much a multi-cultural nation and as such there are many different religions followed and practiced. As such these influence the way many of us are buried and remembered. While our heritage and even current day religious beliefs are dominated by the Christian faith, there are differences in funeral practices and processes amongst different religions. Even in Christian circles different denominations vary slightly in how they conduct a funeral service. In today’s Australia, you’ll find Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish and Mormon funeral services to name a few, as well as funeral memorial services influenced by cultural practices. Click here to find out how about the different funerals you will find in Australia today.