How to Select the Best Funeral Home


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Whether you are faced with the sudden loss of a loved one or contemplating a time when you will want to be remembered and honoured, a key decision to face is selecting the best funeral home to suit your circumstances. Most Australians live in populated regions which means there are many funeral homes within a fairly short distance of their home. Selecting the best funeral home to suit your needs can make the difference between a great funeral service and one that never quite hits the right mark.

Selecting the right funeral home is a chance for you to establish the right atmosphere, environment and setting for all the funeral guests to be present. So what are the key things to consider when selecting a funeral home? What are the factors that can help you ensure you select the best funeral home? We believe there are seven key things to consider before choosing a funeral home and while each of them are important each person will place increased importance on different factors. Please use this list to help you determine what is important to you and to guide your search.

The Top 7 things to consider to ensure you find the best funeral home:


  1. Budget – As with most decisions in life starting a funeral home search with a clear budget in mind will help you find a funeral home that fits your budget. Australian funerals generally range in cost between $4000 and $15000, so checking out your funeral home shortlist on cost is a high priority. If you are planning a funeral in a hurry, you may have to place less emphasis on budget and more emphasis on timeframes.
  1. Funeral Director – Funeral Directors are the face of funeral homes, you need to be comfortable with them and their personality. So don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions when you meet potential funeral directors. Consider whether a big funeral home and prominent funeral director are right for you or a local more intimate funeral home and funeral director.
  1. Facilities – When assessing options to find the best funeral home, pay close attention to the environment, atmosphere and facilities. Most funeral homes in Australia have great facilities but you will get a different impression from each different funeral home so popping in to check out a few short listed options is a great idea. This is particularly relevant if you have time on your side.
  1. Interest in you – When meeting prospective local funeral homes and funeral directors, you need to feel comfortable that they are interested in you, understand your requirements and budget and make you feel at ease. Even if your decision needs to be made quickly you still need to find a funeral home interested in your needs. Funeral homes and their staff are generally very understanding, respectful and sensitive. These are characteristics you should be seeking and looking for.
  1. Location – Location plays a huge part in selecting the best funeral home for you. A local funeral home choice for most people make sense because they are easier to research and visit and your guests will appreciate the limited travel time when they are grieving.
  1. Ethics and what they stand for – The reasons behind the existence of a funeral home are becoming increasingly important for many people. There are a number of not for profit funeral homes in Australia that channel any profits to charities and social causes. There are also funeral homes that cater better to different religious requirements. Understanding what underpins different funeral homes and then what is important to you will help you make the right choice.
  1. Word of mouth – Sometimes the best way to select a funeral home can be based on the experiences and feedback of other people you know or on funeral homes you may have visited yourself in the past. As part of your research ask other people you respect for their thoughts and opinions.
So whatever your decision, choose the best funeral home for your needs and be happy and comfortable with your choice. Whether its just one of the above factors or indeed all of the above factors that help and assist your selection, take your time and be guided by your convictions. We would love to put you in touch with local funeral homes that may be just be right for you. If this is of interest to you find out more by clicking here….