Funeral Planning – The top 5 things to get right!

Will your funeral be a simple affair or an elaborate ceremony, a celebration or sombre event? There are many aspects to Funeral planning that need to be considered. If you have never thought much about these questions before, it can be a confronting process so take your time and think things through. Not all will aspects listed below will be relevant to you, but you should be aware of them so it can shape how you see you funeral taking place. You can pre plan your funeral proceedings in their entirety or just specify a couple of key things, funeral planning can be as detailed or simple as you like, it is your chance to shape your four funeral service and how you will be remembered.

There are many aspects to funeral planning and as already highlighted, your funeral can be as complex or simple as you specifically direct. The best place to start your planning is a funeral planning checklist. We have developed a very thorough funeral planning checklist to assist you, you can check it out by clicking here.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more important core aspects funeral planning that you will really want to have some clear ideas on and in most cases make firm decisions about.

Here’s our top 5 most important categories to get right:

Funeral locations and Funeral Ideas

Funeral PlanningWhere would you like your funeral to be held? If you have a desired location in mind, consider if it is big enough to accommodate a decent crowd if you know many people. Consider also whether the venue will accommodate any specific requests you may have eg: seating plans etc. If you are not terribly fussed about the location of your funeral, then your family and friends will find somewhere suitable. Click here to check out these interesting funeral venue ideas…

Funeral Costs

Funeral PlanningThe cost of Australian funerals can vary significantly from around $4000 for a standard all costs included service to $15000 or more for a lavish funeral. Costs vary depending on location also with bigger city metropolitan funerals costing a little more than regional areas funerals.  Funeral costs in Australia are on the rise so you will need to give serious consideration to funeral insurance or other measures that can help lock in costs today. To find out more about funeral costs, click here

Funeral Homes

Funeral Planning ChecklistMuch like other significant choices in life such as where you were married, or where you worked, choosing a funeral director or funeral home are critical in insuring you get the funeral you want. Some funeral homes are not for profit and give back to the community, others offer funerals involving only female staff, while others cater for a wide range of religious ceremony requirements. Obviously choosing a funeral home close to where you expect to spend your final days also makes sense to reduce travel and transport costs, and ensure local friends and family get be at your funeral easily. The bigger the city you live in the more choice you will have for example Sydney Funeral home options and variety will be much wider than in other Australian locations. We have a strong relationship with many great Australian Funeral homes, click here to find out more.

Funeral Flowers

Funeral PlanningFor many people funeral flowers arrangements are a huge part of how they imagine their funeral service. You can specify in the funeral planning process what key flowers you like and want to see, however many guests will bring their own flowers, so you planning will likely only extend to the main arrangements. Classic flowers like white lillies feature on many people’s funeral flower plans. The only difficulty is planning your funeral flowers is seasonality, are they available? To find out more about what funeral flowers work well and to even pre-pay your funeral flowers, click here

Cremation Vs. Burial

Funeral PlanningThe choice to be buried or cremated is a very personal one. Burials have always been the more traditional option and they still are, however, more and more people are going for cremations. Burials are more expensive than cremations, so if you have to think about your budget then this is definitely something that needs serious thought. All cemeteries have their own prices and some sections of the same cemetery have different prices, so it’s very important to check this out when you select the cemetery you want to use. The reason cremations are gaining popularity is the fact that they are generally much cheaper than burials.  Obviously money isn’t the only reason as to why people go for a cremation over a burial there are other factors too including cultural and religious beliefs and also many practical reasons. Click here to find out more…..