When it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for a funeral, the funeral lily is still leading in popularity. The type of flowers people chose to display on this day is in representation of the relationship with the deceased. It can take us a long time to decide on what last message we want to send to a loved one. If you have attended a funeral or two, chances are you have seen lilies present. There is actually great significance to why the flower is so popular at funerals.

Over the years, there has been a few suggestions as to what it represents. To the majority of us, the funeral lily means purity, majesty and symbolises a soul returning to a state of peace and innocence. Of course, this is a great message to send out on a day filled with sadness and despair. It brings great relieve and peace to the ones left behind. Even if you are not a superstitious person, it’s a beautiful message to send. Here are some other fun facts about this majestic flower and why it is a great option for funerals.

Funeral Lily


When you think about lilies, the scent is probably one of the first features to strike you. It is believed that all lilies give off a sweet aroma. The truth is, this smell associated with lilies is only present on white ones. This might also be the reason why most lilies used at funerals are white. The only exception to this rule is the tiger lily, which also presents a beautiful scent. Even though the most common reason for lilies at funerals is what it symbolises, the scent has significance too. People believe the strong smell given off by lilies can actually mask the decomposition odour.

Keeping it fresh

If you are using the lily as the flower of choice at a funeral, you can easily use it on the last resting place. The worry is that the lily does not have a very long lifespan and would whither by the next day. When you arrange with the florist, ask to have the pollen removed. It is also easy to remove the pollen yourself. Simply scrub off any visible traces of pollen with a soft toothbrush to prevent damaging the rest of the blossom. This is going to ensure the flowers staying fresh for much longer.

Kitty control

Although the funeral lily is a popular choice for funerals, you might want to keep any kitties away. The scent of the flower is inviting, but toxic to cats. It’s probably not something we would give a second thought, but it is an important fact. Relationships between humans and their pets are undeniable. We want to keep them safe in any situation, so just keep an eye on them when around this flower.

Lily Variety

The white lily is undoubtedly the choice for funerals, but the variety of littles can go on for days. You can find more than 90 species, which is pretty incredible. Here are just a few worth mentioning.

Humboldt lily

Bolander’s lily

Alpine lily

Philadelphia lily


If you are busy arranging a funeral during the colder months, you might have to pay a little more for the lily. This flower flourishes in summer and spring. A lot of the lilies used during winter will be imported or go through specific and controlled conditions to grow. This is why you pay more for a funeral lily during winter, than you would in the warmer months.

Second in the world

Next to the rose, the lily has been known as the second most popular flower choice in the world. Even though we love the lily in Australia, it’s great to see the rest of society agrees. This flower is not just used at funerals, but the opposite is also true. Weddings, celebration centrepieces and boasts in gardens everywhere.

Wild life

Lilies are able to grow and thrive for over 2 years in wild conditions. This would make it a perennial plant. Most flowers would not be able to stand the test of time like the lily does. You can even plant a few around the grave of your loved one and replace it every two years. It would be beautiful to see it blossom through summer and spring as a symbol of hope and life.

November Lilies

What we know as November lilies in Australia, is actually referred to as Easter lilies in other parts of the world. These lilies are not available in Australia when we have Easter, so we just changed the name. Some people even call it trumpet lilies because of the shape. Then there are those who’ve named it Christmas lilies. We just could not choose, so we gave it a few names.


We can go on for a long time talking about the funeral lily because of its significance in our culture. There is no doubt that the lily won’t easily become a forgotten flower when we lay our loved ones to rest. Purity, modesty and innocence, makes for a great last goodbye.