Finding the right funeral home and funeral director can be a very important aspect of planning your or your loved ones funeral. It is possibly one of the most overlooked, neglected life decisions we all face.  In such a difficult time, having a funeral director that understands your wishes and can carry them out smoothly is vital. To find a good funeral home or funeral director is one thing but, if you are like most of us your mindset will also be – find funeral homes near me. The best time to start your search for a funeral home is when you don’t need one. So if you are ready to investigate a funeral home or funeral director then this read on, this article is for you.

Funeral Homes near me

The first thing to understand about funeral homes is that they are no longer primarily family owned and operated affairs. Australia’s largest funeral home operator – Invocare controls over a third of the funeral home market that is worth nearly a billion dollars in Australia. Amongst Invocare’s brands are White Lady, Simplicity, Le Pine, Guardian and George Hartnett. So when investigating funeral home options in your area find out who owns them if this is something that is an important consideration for you . The main difference may come down to local service versus a corporate model. The market has evolved over the years in other ways now. There are not for profit funeral homes in the Australian market which provide an avenue to ensure a portion of your funds are put back into helping the community. So finding out who really runs various funeral homes and what they stand for can be your first area of investigation.

Next is to understand the services and assistance that your preferred funeral home operators provide. There are many areas that funeral directors provide assistance, some of the more common ways include:

  • Co-ordinating with outside services such as florists, musicians etc.
  • Organising necessary legal paperwork.
  • Liaising with the cemetery or crematorium of your choice.
  • Offering advice to assist in the funeral.
  • Taking care of transportation of the deceased to the funeral home.

Whether planning a funeral for yourself or your loved one, one of the most important things to do when finding a funeral home is to compare prices. Most Funeral home operators will have a fairly similar list of services and should happily provide you with a cost schedule upon request. Some local funeral directors will also offer packages which may be a good way to reduce your costs. So check the price of the funeral homes you are researching as this may help you decide on one operator or the next. Before making your selection, meet with the funeral director and ensure you feel comfortable with your choice. Hopefully at the end of this progress you can say you have found funeral homes near me and have selected the right one for you.

Finally, do as much research as you can. Find funeral home options in your area by surfing the internet, asking friends and acquaintances, or contacting one of the very reputable funeral organisations that govern the Australian funeral industry. We have developed a directory of funeral homes around Australia to help you start your search. If you settle on one of these funeral homes, make sure to tell them you found them on the on