Funeral Car Options        

The loss of a loved one is a truly heartbreaking time in anyone’s life. Suddenly your world has turned upside down and you feel totally lost. Emotions start to take over your life, which can, at times, be very intense. Not only are you having to live through these emotions, you also have to carry on with your day to day life and all the practical tasks that come with it. At this sad time, one of these practical tasks involves arranging your loved one’s funeral.

funeral car

Some people plan their own funeral in advance, so that their loved one’s don’t have to. This way, all their final wishes can be carried out, just in the way they wanted them to be.

Whether you are planning your own funeral or organising a loved ones funeral an important part of arranging a funeral involves choosing your funeral car. Some people see this as a minor detail, but selecting the right funeral car can help set the perfect funeral event, hopefully our guide to funeral transport will be of great help to you, when it comes to choosing transport for you or your loved one’s final journey.

There are many different funeral car options available to you and each one will suit different people and their requirements. Obviously, you have the traditional options but more and more people are deciding to go for alternative modes of transport.

First of all though let’s discuss the key points that have to be thought about before you decide on which type of funeral hearse you would like to go for.

What you need to think about

  1. The number of cars you will need

Obviously, the more close family members there are the more funeral cars you will need but if you’re trying to keep costs down then maybe some family members would be able to take their own vehicles. A funeral car is there so that all the family can be together at this devastating time and can help to support and comfort each other. Your loved one’s final journey is a very reflective part of the day and is a moment in time where you can sit and think about your loved one and all that they meant to you.  It’s at this time you need all the support you can get, as the funeral hearse slowly carries your loved one to and from the funeral service to their final resting place.

Most limousines can carry at least 7 people and can also accommodate wheelchair users. Just let your funeral director know if anyone is in a wheelchair so that they can make the necessary arrangements. Small children and babies can also travel in funeral cars but may need suitable child seats. Again, let the funeral director know and they will be more than happy to help you. Remember, they are there to support you through this devastating time and will do all they can to make things run smoothly for you.

Classic Hearse

If money isn’t an issue, this is the recommended way to travel. All the worry of getting to and from the service is taken out of your hands and you can spend this time reflecting on your loved one and the life you shared together.

  1. Think about a special route you may like to take

It’s totally up to you the route the funeral cortege takes.  Maybe there’s a special place in your loved one’s heart that would make a beautiful tribute to him/her. Maybe you could drive through your loved one’s favourite walk, or maybe you could drive past your loved one’s childhood home. Your funeral director will be more than happy to discuss the route you would like to take. Have a think about what you would like to do and let them know.

  1. Think about how you would like your floral tributes displayed

It’s totally up to you, how you would like your floral tributes displayed in the funeral car. Your funeral director is there to help carry out your wishes and the wishes of your lost loved one. They are there to help guide you and to make sure everything is exactly how you want it to be.

  1. Leaving and returning

Let your funeral director know where the funeral procession will start and where it is to be returned to. Usually the funeral procession leaves the home of the deceased and can then be returned to the home or another place of choice.

Your transport options

Once you have thought about each of these key points, now comes the time to think about the type of funeral car you would like for your loved one’s final journey. This can be quite daunting as there are many options to choose from. As we said earlier, more and more people are going for something a little different from the more traditional modes of transport.

The Traditional Way

If your loved one loved tradition then maybe your best option would be to go for a traditional funeral procession which is also known as the funeral cortege. They will be driven to and from the funeral service to their final resting place in a funeral hearse. There’s something about the sight of a black hearse with all the limousines travelling behind it. It’s a very special sight and one that’s very personal to all those inside each of the cars. The funeral cortege is an extremely popular custom for funerals.

The funeral procession includes the hearse, which is the funeral car that carries the coffin and all the limousines which contains all the close family members. You don’t have to have funeral limousines at all, if you don’t need them. If you want to, you could travel behind the hearse in your own vehicles. This is a good option if you’re trying to keep costs down. It’s important to remember that none of this is obligatory. Some people even decide to transport their loved one in their own vehicle. As long as the coffin is secure, you totally have this option.

Maybe your loved one had a favourite car, which they always said they wanted to go in. If this is something you may be interested in, or maybe it’s your loved one’s wish, let your funeral director know and they will help you. Or perhaps you or your loved one were huge car fans – say a holden racing fan. If this sounds appropriate, incorporating holdens into the funeral procession will be a perfect send off.

Remember, it’s your goodbye to the world or alternatively your goodbye to your loved one and you have the final word when it comes to this final journey.

If you do decide to go for the more traditional option then you are sure to travel in comfort and style. Just because they are traditional, it doesn’t mean they cannot be personalised. A funeral car can come in a variety of different colours and style options, so that they meet with the personality of your loved one. What could be a more fitting choice for a young girl than a pink funeral hearse? It would look absolutely stunning, for a precious girl’s final journey.

Alternative Funeral Car Options

There are many alternative options available when it comes to choosing a funeral car. If your loved one had certain hobbies, jobs or just loved doing things differently, this could be the best option for you. There are many reasons why people decide to go for something a little different when it comes to funeral transport and this is personal to them. Only you know the reasons why. This choice is, in many ways, a tribute to your lost loved one, especially if they were a horse enthusiast or maybe into their bikes.

If you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to alternative funeral transport, consider one of these options:

Vintage Truck 

What could be better for a truck driver than this great choice? This would make a lovely option for any truck enthusiast.

Trailer and tractor

Was your loved one a farmer maybe? This would make a very fitting tribute to a life spent working on the land.


Motorbike Hearse

This is a very special choice that is offered in some locations. The coffin is inside a side car, next to the motorbike. The perfect option if your loved one was a biker.

motorbike hearse


What could be better than a campervan for someone who spent their life on the open road? This is the ideal option for a free spirit who loved adventures and being in the great outdoors.


Was your loved one into their sports cars? If so, what would be nicer than a SUV?

 4 X 4 s

What could be better than a 4 x 4? If your loved one was passionate about these cars then this could definitely be a very fitting choice.

Horse Drawn Carriage

A horse drawn carriage will add class to all of the proceedings and will be something loved ones will always remember about this special day. They are more expensive though and can only be used for short distances but if money’s no issue, it’s the perfect way to remember your loved one and their passion for horses. This would make a great alternative to the traditional funeral car.


Final thoughts

 Choosing a funeral hearse doesn’t have to be daunting and hopefully after reading our guide, you’re a little closer in deciding what type of funeral car you would like to go for. Remember, they can be personalised, which will create a beautiful tribute to your lost loved one. It’s a very important decision, so it’s worth taking your time to think it over.

Whatever type of funeral car you go for, be it traditional or more modern, it’s a choice you’ll remember forever and they are all very special in their own way, making your loved one’s final journey, unforgettable.