No one wants to deal with the death of a loved one, but it is a burden that lays in all of our paths. There is no running away from the responsibilities, but we can get away from the financial burden. Having the best funeral insurance is more important than we would like to believe. You are giving your family the freedom to plan your funeral without going into debt. Funeral costs are often more than families budget for and thus having this cover is in you and your family’s best interest. If you are considering committing to a funeral policy, consider the following points.

  1. Payout periods

Before committing to a funeral policy, be sure to research the payout periods. In order to find the best funeral insurance, you need to understand your family’s financial position. A good burial insurance will allow payments to be processed without a long waiting period. If your family does not have access to large amounts of cash to plan your funeral, they will need a fast payout period. Some insurance brokers will have a clause that states you can only claim after 30 days. This is something you either have to prepare for or avoid. Funeral costs should be covered by the broker before it happens.

Best Funeral Insurance

  1. Exclusions

I cannot emphasize the importance of good research before signing on the dotted line. You want to be sure that you’ve read all the exclusions on the policy. This will give you a clear idea of what is covered and what is not. Your family should not have to come up with funeral costs after you’ve paid for years. You can discuss this with your family, so that they remain informed. A good broker will ask you some health-related questions and the outcome might affect the policy. Pre-planned funerals are what you are investing your money in and you want to ensure that your family receives the funds when needed.

  1. Funeral Insurance Benefits

A lot of insurance brokers offer you benefits if no claim was made for a set amount of time. These can include providing transport at the funeral or trauma counselling after the death. This depends on you as an individual and you want to personalise your policy to suite you and your family’s needs. If you have small kids, you might include an educational benefit. This simply means that the broker can pay for their school fees for a set amount of time. You might not need that benefit, but it is important to discuss the options available to you. It is all about finding the best funeral policy for your needs.

  1. Who is covered

You might want to cover some other family members in your burial insurance and this option should be available. If you are the main member of the policy, your immediate family will be included in your cover. Find out of you are able to add additional members, such as parents or in-laws. You have to find a broker that can offer you this service if needed.

  1. Claims process

Would your family have to struggle with the claim process after you are gone? This is certainly not a wish of anyone. Ask about the claims process and make your loved ones aware. Burial insurance should bring relieve and not a ton of paperwork that needs to be completed. The process should be effortless and fast. Get a clear indication of how long the claims will take to be processed and what information should your family present when claiming.

  1. Affordability

Pre-planned funerals should not cost you an arm and a leg. Discuss what you can afford, while receiving the best policy to suite your needs. Finding the best funeral insurance becomes more challenging when you are working with a budget, but it is possible. There is no reason why the premiums should become a burden to you. By going for what you can afford to pay without a struggle, you are more likely to keep up with the costs. It is so important to not miss any of your premiums because it can lead to a claim being rejected.

  1. Cover cost

Knowing how much a funeral costs is important when you decide on a policy that fits your needs. Your family needs to know how much your policy will cover when the planning starts. Most insurance claims are processed in the form of a payment instead of providing a coffin and transport. This gives a lot more freedom in the planning process, but make sure there is an amount attached to the policy. Your family also has the opportunity to use the balance of the cover to deal with the aftermath of the death.

There are a lot of options available in funeral policies and it is possible to find one that suites your needs. Personalising your funeral policy is easier than it was a while back. Now, you can sit down with your broker and come up with burial insurance that helps you sleep at night. Families are important to us and knowing that we’ve catered for every need after we are no longer there gives us peace of mind.


Finding the best Funeral Insurance is possible if you do your research and ask all the right questions. Not everyone needs the same benefits and some people cannot commit with certain exclusions. You want to have a relationship with your broker, so that you have the freedom to discuss your needs. Always go with a reputable insurance broker to avoid any delayed or denied payments. Your family deserves a moment to grief without thinking about how they will cover the funeral costs. Know exactly what you are signing and paying for. Remember, your needs are never too much, although we have to be realistic in accepting what can be covered and what is impossible. Planning ahead is one of the biggest commitments any human being can make. Knowing that you are doing it for the benefit of the ones you love is amazing.

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