When we talk about affordable funerals, the subject can be a little touchy. Money should not be a factor in this moment, right? The last send-off can be an emotional and pricey affair. We want our loved ones to be honored and in doing so we somehow attach the cost to quality. The sooner we accept that our loved ones would not want us to incur funeral debt, the easier it is to accept. In recent years we have seen the cost of funerals rise and it is increasing family pressure alongside it.

One way to overcome this pressure is to understand that there is no relation between the price tag and the love for the deceased. This is a very personal and private moment for your family. In this emotional moment base your decisions on the reality of your situation and not the expectations of others or your own. Do the best you can to honor the last wishes of your loved one and this can be as simple as wanting a burial or cremation. Other than that, there are some ways you can elegantly cut costs for a more affordable funeral.

affordable funerals

Set a Budget

If you do not know how much you can spend, it is easy to go a little overboard. Write down everything you need to make this a beautiful last goodbye and attach a price to it. This will help you remain focused during the process and not be sucked in by a pushy funeral director. When you know how much you can spend, you are not easily moved. I understand that you don’t want to attach prices to the funeral of a loved one, but it is a necessary step. You are doing this to not have overwhelming expenses after your loved one is buried or cremated.

Always compare prices

You want to compare prices before you make any decisions. Keep a clear head in this moment and as difficult as it is, remain calm and focused. We do this in our everyday lives when purchasing products or services. It seems to not be the norm when it comes to emotional moments.  A lot of funeral homes do not advertise cost online and you might have to make a few phone calls. Local suppliers of caskets or flowers are usually a lot cheaper because there are minimal transport costs involved.

Online Obituaries

A lot of people do not know about this cost-saving tip and it can save you a lot of money to be used elsewhere. We need to accept that life is more digital now than it was a few decades ago, and use technology in this instance for Online Obituaries.

Replace the Flowers

The price of flowers are insanely expensive right now and becomes a huge burden on families planning a funeral. When we look at affordable funerals, flowers are usually one of the first price cuts. This does not mean that you have to exclude it completely. Replace some of the flowers with some personal touches. This can be done by using framed photographs or even items which represents the deceased.

Affordable casket

If the deceased wanted to be buried, do not spend a fortune on the casket. I am not sure when extravagant caskets became the norm in our society. Caskets are usually one of the priciest decisions at traditional funerals. It is understandable that we don’t want to see our loved ones in a sad looking casket when we say our last goodbyes. The cost really comes in with the material used and not the look, so be sure to discuss these options with the funeral home. Another option is to shop online, where prices will be more competitive.

Keep it Intimate

There are times when you just want to be surrounded by people you love and funerals are definitely one of those times. When you are working with a budget, you want to include those who really matter. Keep the funeral intimate and invite close friends and family for the formalities. This will save on so many other related elements and make a huge difference. Think of affordable funerals as smart and not cheap. We all are in different situations and those close to you would accept and understand the circumstances.

Ask for help

Family and friends would be happy to help during this time of grief. Just be sure to communicate your needs to those around you and accept all the help you can get. You want to focus on grieving and saying your last goodbyes. In many cultures it is customary to assist, so you are not guilty of anything here. Your loved one probably touched many hearts and giving people the opportunity to assist is always a gift to them.


We could never put a price tag on the love that we have for someone close to our hearts and we should not have to. People are starting to understand that affordable funerals make more sense to the average person living on a budget. Do not hold this against yourself, but instead congratulate yourself for making smart decisions, even in emotional situations. Trust me, your loved one won’t hold this against you. It’s not about money.