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Funeral Costs

Average Funeral Costs Australia wide are on the increase. It’s no real surprise. You only have to look at the general cost of living which rises regularly across all parts of life…

Funeral Homes

Finding the right funeral home and funeral director can be a very important aspect of planning yours or your loved ones funeral. It is possibly one of the most overlooked…

Funeral Insurance

Today in Australia you have more choice than ever before in how you plan all aspects of your daily life. The same is true in planning your funeral. For more and more people, one of the…

Funeral Planning

Will your funeral be a simple affair or an elaborate ceremony, a celebration or sombre event? There are many aspects to planning that need to be considered. If you have never thought…

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Where you will find honest advice and helpful tips from our family to yours to assist you in planning a funeral, memorial or remembrance day. Whether you are beginning to plan your own funeral or searching for help to plan a loved one’s final memorial we are here to help.

For many Australians funeral planning is something they may only be involved in once or a couple of times in their lifetime. It remains an intimidating and difficult process but it is an important step in taking control of how others will gather to remember you when you pass. Still others, begin planning their funeral to take a burden off their loved ones when the inevitable day arrives. Or you may be looking for inspiration for a loved ones funeral soon to take place. Whatever you reason, we have answers that will help.

We often get asked about the best place to start in planning your own funeral. For many that day is still many years away – if that is you, then perhaps researching funeral insurance cover is a good first step, find out more by clicking here.

Or perhaps you want to get a clear idea of all aspects or your funeral – our funeral planning checklist is a great place to start, click here. Maybe the date of a loved one’s memorial is close and you need funeral ideas or the perfect floral tribute – some beautiful funeral flowers, then click here, or perhaps you are trying to get your head around funeral costs –we can help here too  – click here.  We exist at the good funeral guide to help you in every way we can and we remain confident you will find all you need to plan the perfect funeral ceremony.

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